in my studio : the hoopla

I am feeling like it is about time to do a behind the scenes post. Let's get behind the hoopla!

I spent most of my pre-holiday making season ordering 40 feet of wire at a time. Just as I my order was delivered I would place another {literally!}. 
Can I just mention that working with 40 feet of wire is awkward?

After I measure and cut 40 or so hoops I bend them roughly to prepare for soldering. 
Terribly exciting isn't it?

Now this photo may not look exciting, but indeed it is. It is a new pickle I am using and quite in love with. Vitamin C powder is super easy to use, can be watered down a ton and isn't harmful for you. And, it doesn't require that I make a special trip to get it. I pick it up at Whole Foods while I am getting my fruit and veggies. {Ok, who am I kidding, I mostly get vegan cookies there.} Also, it is perfect to use with enameled pieces I have soldered.

So, the hoops are soldered and pickled. Now they are formed on a bracelet mandrel.

Then they are tweaked a bit with my beloved pliers.

Next they are textured with my favorite antique store find, the old, dirty hammer.

I love hammering on my anvil, it sounds divine. And, you see results of your labor immediately. It is so satisfying.

And the part I loathe, cleaning time.

But these 3m wheels make it a little more bearable. 

And finally, the walnut shell finish. 

I am not keen on the noise these beasts produce. But the matte, frosted finish makes me happy, so I tolerate the beasts. After enduring the pre-holiday madness with just one of these I bought another with my earnings. Double the noise means faster production and I must accept it. No more lines of hoops waiting to be finished. It feels good to need more tools, you know you are starting to do something right when you work is in high demand. 

Finally, they are all listed in my etsy shop. Supermarket too! 

happy sunday!
xo, kim