lovely and local : egg-a-go-go

Sarah Coyne is the mistress of cute behind egg-a-go-go. If you are an avid buyer of handmade I am quite certain you have seen her work around. 

This holiday season folks flocked into Craftland looking for this shirt (or the card version). I heard many stories about so and so being clever and having a husband with a beard and glasses. I can see the attraction. 

I find these to be the sweetest little pillows. 

What is it about mixers that attracts me? Maybe it's that I love all of the colors they come in. They are like jewels for your kitchen, accented with shiny steel bowls. That's it right there, jewels and shiny, those are the reasons I love them so.

As with all of Sarah's work this feathers and leaves print is simple with just the right colors. That is the theme that attracts me. Her lines are clean and accentuated with just the right amount of color. Nothing is overdone, just made to perfection. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim