monday's muse

Seven years ago my brother-in-law (future brother-in-law at the time) brought a book back for me from Denmark. He had just returned from a residency program there. And being inspired from traveling afar for the sake of making art he brought something back to inspire me to start making again. The book was Ringe Dialog

For years I was completely stuck with what I should be making in my jewelry studio. I struggled with wanting to make only top quality exhibition work. Complex pieces full of brilliant concepts that one could spend hours discussing. I came to realize that this would be the route which insured me spending weeks and months alone in my then basement studio. These pieces were time consuming to make and required so much planning that the act of making didn't always happen often. Sure, you were making with paper models, trying templates out in cheaper metal and sketching plenty. But, this wasn't the  wielding a torch or a hammer part of making that I loved most about the process.

Something about this page from Ringe Dialog always came back to me. The artist, Mette Vivelsted, had chosen to make a fairly standard looking ring. Then she took the time to re-create the silhouette of this ring out of wire. Doing this again and again she has turned her production pieces into one exhibition piece. 

There are a few morals to this story. Making the same pieces again and again insures that you will learn to make that piece and make it well. You will learn to get comfortable with your materials, something I wasn't able to do making larger scale pieces because they were all so different. More pieces also means more hands for your work to fall into, spreading your art far and wide. And, finally, it is a great foundation should you decide that one day you might want to make something grand. You can build on your basic skills and make that complex piece that gets others talking about it for years to come. 

happy monday!
xo, kim