my travels through a lens : Notre Dame de Paris

Maybe you couldn't tell, but I have Paris on the brain. I suppose it is because I have always wanted to see it covered in a thin veil of snow. But, it may just be that I find it to be breathtaking in every way.
I just discovered that Notre Dame de Paris means Our Lady of Paris. It is ironic to me as I had always thought of the structure as having a masculine feel. As I am a terrible keeper of notes and diaries I don't recall much of this adventure. Aside from it being a rainy day all I remember is lighting a candle for each of my grandmothers inside. Those two tough gals were the ones who encouraged me to make and love art. Lighting a candle for them seemed to allow me to take them with me, symbolically, to this city filled with art and beauty. 

happy travels, kim

ps: keep notes and take too many pictures. it's worth it.