object fetish fridays : Elke Mitscha

I have been thinking a lot about roses lately with the upcoming holiday. It isn't that I like roses, I don't at all. See, I use to work in a florist where all we did this time of year was take orders for dozens upon dozens of red roses, with babies breath of course. The man ordering the roses always seemed so impressed with himself, like he was giving the greatest gift as I rolled my eyes at the lack of originality. So, men, if you are going to get roses for your lover this valentine's day, make is a Brooch of Roses
Besides, these roses will last. And you want to make a lasting impression don't you?

Elke Mitscha may use geometric forms to suggest petals but this brooch maintains a vivid image of roses. She captures the gesture of this flower perfectly. 

And, I am a sucker for a handmade pin back. That always seals the deal for me. 

happy friday!
xo, kim