object fetish fridays : Julia Turner

Another Friday, another crush on object fetish. While browsing through the schmuck I came across what I thought was a pair of enameled earrings. But when I clicked on Julia Tuner's Storm Earrings I realized she used a completely different process to produce her color. 
"a graceful teardrop shaped panel of steel is prepared like a canvas with traditional gesso, and then a unique bold design is created on each one by selectively removing the gesso to reveal the oxidized steel beneath."

Julia Turner seems to have mastered finding different means to create color. Here she uses gold wire to grace the inside of an oxidized sterling bezel, just like a stone. The lovely part about this alternative is the wire produces pattern unlike any stone, making for another great little detail. 

Julia's work is simple. Simply beautiful and timeless. She doesn't try and show off a bunch of skills all at once. Each piece is treated with equal attention and new materials are utilized perfectly. Showing us her real skill,  mastery of materials. 

don't forget that day with cupid and the bow and arrow coming up, start shopping
xo, kim