a ring a week #1

I decided to make a try at a ring a week. My rule is that I can't make it in my studio, it has to be something that I make elsewhere. Why? Well, I want to force myself to use found objects rather than traditional metasmithing materials. I play around with those materials often enough, don't I?

I am hoping this exploration in materials will get me thinking of how to incorporate these materials with metal, enamel or stones. Playing with the ribbon I used this week I thought of how I could fix it to metal. But I also took the time to think of what I loved about the ribbon. In this case it was the curl and how it changed throughout the day. It got me thinking of how I could get metal to react in this manner. If I can recreate this movement in silver to have a more permanent and rigid structure but still incorporate the ribbon for color and a hint of texture I think I will have made quite the stunning ring. A ring I wouldn't have thought of making before I took the time to play with this ribbon, deciding to make it my ring a week project. New doors are opening already.

Will you join me? Maybe we can come up with a tag, ring a week has a certain ring, doesn't it?
xo, kim