ring a week #2

One night this week I came home to a vase full of orange tulips, already trimmed and in water. {I am quite the lucky lady, I know!} After admiring them for days I came to see them differently on Saturday evening. 

I looked at them as pieces. They weren't just a bunch of tulips, there were individual tulips made of stems, petals and leaves. Then I saw one special little leaf as jewelry.

 I have long admired tulip leaves and re-created them in a few jewelry pieces of mine. 

Their texture is smooth, like silver. But that isn't my favorite part. I love how the end of the leaf cups around the stem and maintains that curve once it is cut away. Then the leaf slowly looses that bend only to find it again at it's point. 

I am loving this photo diary of my ring a week. It is most inspiring. This one I know will find it's way to my bench. Some forming hammers will come out to play and my anvil will make some noise. 
happy sunday!
xo, kim