take this, old man winter!

A tulip! In January!

Way back around Easter my father and step mother gave me some potted tulips. Though I live in the city now I decided to keep the bulbs to plant again. I wasn't sure when or where but I knew I would give it a go. 

They spent the summer in the stairwell to my apartment. I was certain they wouldn't give me another chance to see them flower again as they were pretty neglected. 

When autumn was coming to a close I took them in, pulled the bulbs from the pot and freed up the lose dirt from the roots. I filled another pot with soil, buried the bulbs, added water and put them in the cold, dark pantry. 

Once I saw some pale green emerging I took them out to the windowsill. The stalks grew and out came this purple flower. I did a dance of joy to see a tulip, in my apartment, in January. Then I stopped dancing to take some pictures of my new baby,

take this, winter!
xo, kim