welcome winter, a trip to the farm

We finally did it. We bought a kitchen table. First, we took a little trip to the farm to borrow a vehicle for the trip. While we were shopping, Callie stayed to visit with grandma.
There were some old tools in the garage.

And this girl can't resist inspecting tools. 

I am in love with the handles. Not only are they stylish but they look comfortable too. 

I always love seeing the turbines in motion.

It is quite the amazing structure.

The silo looks perfectly patinated against the jewel colored sky.

Callie is running around with Kikko and Rocky {my mother's two huskies} below the windows of the barn.

Everything here is so interesting to me being the complete opposite of what surrounds me in the city.

There's Callie, sinking in the mounds of snow. She loves it here.

And finally, I caught the birds in one of my frames.

We didn't see any cows on this trip. They would have looked beautiful in the white blanket of snow.

Just some shoes from our trip to Ikea. 

happy wendesday!
xo, kim

ps: i love this welcome winter at the farm edition, don't you?