welcome winter!

 It seems that most of my winter adventures of the past week have taken place in my car or studio. Unlike Callie, I don't have a fur coat. I don't know how that girl is always dressed for the occasion without ever changing.

I have been waiting for this roof top to be covered with snow. It is so much prettier this way.

Winter has certainly improved this view. We can see the train through the trees now.

I have been finishing up my stint of helping out at Craftland. Downcity and I have become quite close.

The cable car is a new favorite. They have the best soy mochas downtown has to offer.

What a fun pattern. Do you know where this is from? Please try and guess.

I love all of these tall buildings around us. Providence is perfection.

The red and green lights have been festive for the winter. I am starting to love how they change with the seasons, before the humbug in me wanted them to stay white. 

The steeples will always be a favorite. 

Though it was quite chilly I did have a great walk from my parking spot this morning. The sky was so pretty and the sun nice and bright. 

The buildings are always full of character and that is just why I love them. 

 And this is how I get greeted. Callie takes out a toy and gives her best dance. She is quite sad on my Craftland work days because she stays home all alone with her animals. I suspect they have fun because there are toys all over the floor when I get in. But she prefers working at the studio. Then she can keep her eye on me knowing she hasn't missed a thing. 

stay toasty warm {do a dance like Callie if you have to}
xo, kim