welcome winter!

When I looked over my photos of the past week I realized that I have taken lots of time to enjoy the outdoors with Callie. It is nice to slow down a little but I still have so much I need to be making.

One of my favorite adventures is to go by the river. 

But, you knew that already, didn't you?

It seems like the sky is always brighter there.

My hipstamatics always come out looking like jewels.

Callie seems to like it too. But she is so easy to please.

I brought a ball with the long armed thrower. It seems I am not very good playing ball this way. 

After just one toss the ball rolled down to the river. Game over.

But there was snow so Miss Callie was happy. 

While she sniffed, I took pictures.

I love this river along my city.

It's breathtaking.

Callie was trying to go for a swim. 

But this doggy mama doesn't want to brave the cold water to fetch her pup out. 

Onto the next adventure...

I may not be the biggest fan of the snow but seeing Callie pounce around with glee has made me grow fond of it. And, a blanket of white makes winter days a little brighter.

I decided to bring Callie to a cemetery in Pawtucket where there were large areas without water so I could test my ball throwing skills again.

We wandered about looking for a bit of a clearing.

It was a bright, cheerful day.

Callie did play ball a little but she was happier to be in the snow.

I swear she hates having her photo taken. She seems to make faces at me to tell me to stop.

I let her eat snow in peace so I could take pictures.

Anyone know why there is a star in the center of this celtic cross?

The roads were prettily outlined in snow.

Isn't she just the cutest pup?

There are some great gates at the entrance. I always love to see nice ironwork. 

There are still a few more adventures to go...

When I am out and about I keep on the lookout for some new parks to play in.

Roger William's Park on South Main street is a nice little place for these two ladies to go.

 I love seeing these dry hydrangeas. They remind me of summer.

Thanks to a nice fellow on twitter I discovered that this plant is a japonica rubella. 

It is a hearty little bugger that loves the cold. For this, I am grateful. It is nice to see something alive this time of year. 

This park is quite nice. There are great views of the city around this little patch of green.

I wish this photo had more controlled movement of light. That's ok though, it is always a pretty sight.

And we are onto our second adventure in Roger William's Park.

This time with a little more snow.

There are nice little paths to take you through the park. It makes for a nice little stroll.

I love the long walkway leading to this building. Once upon a time it must have been filled with parked horses.

This is quite a quiet little spot. Not too many people coming and going. Callie and I like it this way.

And this spiky bur was my treasure. I have been trying to identify it in my winter weed finder but I think it came from a tree so it isn't in with the collection of plants. Feel free to comment with the name of this little fellow.

happy snow!
xo, kim