blithewold gardens through a lens

This may not be an adventure far away in distance. It is far away in time. The summer of 2008 seems like more than years ago. It was back when the Swedes were here to visit. When I still lived in Tiverton. And it was me, before craft. Enjoy this little adventure through Blithewold gardens. I am so happy I came across this little collection of photos and can't wait to have them printed so I can hang them in my studio.

butterfly bush

clematis after it flowers
I hope one day to create these swirly little fellows in silver. One day soon.

cone flower

black eyed susan

I hope that one day my adventures in color lead me to a shade of lavender or lilac that I love. Maybe by summer..

queen anne's lace
These too, have long been in my sketchbook of ideas. Maybe a hairpin and matching ring would do?
queen anne's lace

poppy pods

bell flower




pathway through the garden

A Monet-esque pond

out to sea
I need a Blithewold adventure soon. This place is a place of peace for me. The bamboo forest is so refreshing and peaceful, but every inch of the grounds are amazing to me.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim