lovely and local : Carr Studio

Long ago back in autumn I was vending my bling at Craftopia and across from me were these amazing aluminum prints. Each one was shimmering like a jewel from the Carr Studio booth. 

Then a month later while working at Craftland customers would trickle to the counter asking if they could get some help in removing an aluminum print off the wall. Once they had one of these shimmery tiles in their hands they would be amazed that it looked even more stunning in their hands. 

I love how Nancy's subject matter ranges from details of nature to landscapes and cityscapes and finally to the figure. All of these subjects are treated with the same care for detail. 

Her eye for color, pattern and composition are what makes her work so successful. Nancy keeps her eyes open and waits for just the right moment to capture her vision.

This may just be my favorite. I am fascinated with the gorgeous buildings in our city and always wonder what they look like from inside or how their neighboring buildings look through a window or from a rooftop. And she captured copper turned verdigris over time. I am smitten!

happy thursday!
xo, kim

ps: get shopping!