mondays' muse : Vera Siemund

I have a lot of enameling to do in my studio this week. Torch and kiln fired. I am quickly learning that I preferred torch fired as I get to interact with the process in a more direct way.  I love seeing how different artists approach the same materials. Below is a piece from Vera Siemund {very similar to the one in hnoss depended}.

click on image for source

I love how Vera blends enamel and texture in this piece. Most enamelists use transparent enamels when applying it over texture. Vera uses opaque enamel, making the outcome appear more modern than your traditional bastille. 

Finally, I am getting more comfortable with my enameling. After taking some time off from sifting and firing crushed glass it didn't come back to me as easily as I would have liked it to. But I am coming around and feeling more comfortable then I was in college. I have been experimenting with techniques I was told couldn't be done and am successful at it. Soon I will be leaving this comfort zone and trying new things. Texture is another love of mine so I hope it finds it's way into my enameling.

happy monday!
xo, kim