object fetish friday : Elisa Bongfeldt

Another week means another Fridays spent eyeing gorgeous jewelry on object fetish
Enjoy these industrial yet elegant designs by Elisa Bonfeldt

How I want to try on her cylinder bracelet. 
I looks like great fun to wear and I bet it sounds quite lovely too. 

Elisa's lace ring reminds me of my first ten speed bicycle, the one I was always fixing the chain on. Thought it reminds me of something so simple I am lost in it's elegance. 

Most jewelers let the stone stand out making a setting that seems to disappear. Being that I am someone who likes to work with metal over stones I appreciate how Elisa keeps the settings present and equal to the stone. I appreciate this balance and I seem to notice the glint of the diamonds more. 

I love this hollow form reminiscent of a large washer being far more elegant than the real thing.

And since I love metalwork more than stones I love these stacking rings. Void of precious stones yet still incorporating color means I love them all the more.

 happy friday!
what does the weekend hold in store for you? perhaps some shopping..
xo, kim