object fetish fridays : Jung Ja Lee

There are many artists who have amazing textile abilities but they don't always translate these abilities into jewelry successfully. Artist, Jung Ja Lee manipulates her textile techniques to create a whole piece from beginning to end instead of mixing her delicate work with an awkward chain or pre-made findings. And this is why I love her work. 

The work is hers from beginning to end. She doesn't compromise her design to fit a finding. Jung utilizes her textile know how to create chain and to connect her handmade components. 

I also love the feminine colors. Her palette is the perfect match for her delicate neck ware. It is reminiscent of decorative collars made for large swirling dresses.  

Jung's construction is always interesting. It is playful yet still feminine. And I love it.

happy friday! what are you up to this weekend?
xo, Kim