ring a week #3

Another snow day led me to tinkering with materials around the house to construct a ring out of.

I had just finishing baking some blueberry muffins. We were short on the proper size muffin cups so I trimmed some larger ones down to size. After seeing the discarded fragments I came to realize they would look lovely re-created in silver. So, I began to play with the paper version to make myself a model.

I wasn't sure what I could use to represent a ring shank then I remembered all of the ribbons I had stowed away. 

Out came the sewing box so I could use a needle and tread to hold the pieces together. 

It isn't wonderfully constructed or sturdy by any means. But my purpose is served. I played with foreign materials {foreign to metalsmithing, that is} and made a ring I would love to re-create in silver. 

Now that I am seeing the colors together I realize I may want to have an enameled version too. 

I suppose I won't hate on this snow day too much. I enjoyed playing with my paper, ribbon, needles and thread. This ring a week photo journal will come in pretty handy should I ever find a paved road to lead me to my studio. 

happy snow day!
xo, kim