welcome winter!

I want to let you in on a little secret, I love Mondays. Mondays mean a fresh start and a chance to get this fresh, new week done right.

Callie girl and I went to north burial ground. It is one of the few areas with clear walkways and there is one of us without a fur coat who likes to stay warm and dry. 

a charlie brown christmas tree.

One of the few times Callie wasn't bounding through the heaps of snow.

It may have been up to her belly but she didn't mind one bit.

The grave markers have mostly disappeared.

The path up the hill wasn't cleared but it was too pretty not to venture this way.

My mountain girl!

It was really bright out and I could barely see he screen on my phone. I am not sure how I got some of the photos I did. This one is perfect in composition. 

One part of the plan was flawed. We entered through the side gate with the lovely stone stairs. Or shall I say stone hill, they weren't shoveled. It was an adventure. 

Galloping and squeaking through the snow.

Now she is ready for a day hard at work in the studio. I love this lady!

happy wednesday!
xo, kim