welcome winter!

Maybe I don't feel much like welcoming winter. There is still a lot of snow and it's terribly chilly. But once I bundle up and get outside this lady of mine jumps all about like a puppy. It makes me smile and realize that winter isn't that terrible. Spring will come. 

Though it makes me smile to see Callie romping it doesn't keep me out for long. She can't make up for icy walkways that weren't shoveled. 

Luckily, the cemetery gets plowed.

Yesterday the sky was blue again and I wished I had time to celebrate.

I was happy the weathermen were right in predicting no accumulation with yesterday's flurries. 

But this girl, she is always ready to celebrate fresh snow. 

As an aside, I had a little adventure in Pawtucket yesterday trying to find the post office. {I may live in Pawtucket but I mostly venture to Providence as I am mere blocks away.} Does anyone else use a gps in their own town? Please say yes, I'll feel better.

happy wednesday!
stay warm, kim