welcome winter!

Well, I'll be honest, welcome warm winter days. Last week was the start of knitting group at Craftland. With the weather being a bit warmer I decided to take a walk to the Cable Car for my beloved soy mocha before our group got started.

The Biltmore is one of the iconic spots of Providence. Well, to me it is. 
Maybe it is because my prom was there, even though I wasn't a huge fan of prom night.

I crossed the river for this mocha. It's that good. The view was worth it too.

This building is pretty grand.

More luscious skyline! 

One of these days I will hop the fence and explore this demolition up close. 
Isn't it neat to see where buildings were once joined?

And the Arcade. Another icon of the city. I miss it so. 

happy wednesday!
xo, kim