white nest on supermarket saturdays

Happy saturday! I came across a shop I hadn't seen before on Supermarket and am completely amazed with how wonderfully consistent the products were photographed. It wasn't a surprise to learn that Meg from White Nest was an interior decorator before she ventured onto her one of a kind home goods business. She creates a lovely setup for her handsome goods, showcasing them perfectly.
orange birds in flight hand embroidered pillow cover by white nest
Meg chooses one simple color for the pillow's front and accentuates it with bold embroidery. I love the gesture of the birds in flight, created by just creating outlines.

golden yellow felt ruffle kidney pillow cover by white nest
This golden yellow pillow is perfect. One bold color balanced with a single bold design element, ruffles. There's no competition, just pure balance.

hand embroidered peony flower pillow cover by white nest
These pillows would look lovely on my couch and comfy chairs, migrating throughout the living room. Seeing as I am not one for matching, one of a kind pillows seem perfect for me. 

enjoy your saturday!
xo, kim