in my studio : love

Here are some behind the scenes photos of my new color combination called love. Why love you ask? Well, it is a combination I love and the two shades remind me of valentine's day and flowers. But I prefer them year round and not just for a special occasion. Pink and red are best together.

It all started with this photograph taken at Blithewold gardens. For years it has graced my studio wall and until recently I didn't know exactly how it was going to translate to my jewelry. But it was the color combination that finally crept it's way into my bling.

I am not the only one in love with this combination of rusty, ruby red with sprinkles of pink. My newest consignor, Magpie asked for tons of earrings and necklaces in this new hue of mine. Here is a collection I was getting together for them. This is before the ear wires are formed, solder clean up is in full effect here. Sometimes I need to see this massive pile of bling to reassure me that completed work is on the way.

 Here they are finally finished and up for sale in my etsy shop. Love dash of color. 

I love the super shiny backs of these. It is proof of my time spent at my flex shaft polishing these babies up. 

I loved this combination in the dash of color earrings and new it needed a necklace to match. I also knew that I needed to design a fancier clasp for my dot necklaces. I wanted them to be more, well, me. So, I started with making a little eye hook.

 Then I bent the wire around a dowel to mimic the shape of the dot shaped pendant. I didn't complete the circle for this half to make the hook part of the clasp.

On the other half I completed the circle. All of the loose ends were soldered up with the chain in place. No cold connections here!

 And pickled in my super duper eco-friendly vitamin c pickle. There isn't a picture but I cleaned the solder up with my trusty flex shaft and brass brushed it to a shine.

Purty, isn't it?

A mate for my earrings. 
Even after batches upon batches of these being made, I still do love these colors together. 

happy sunday! do you have your studio to do list made up already?
xo, kim