in my studio : spring colors + flowers

Over the long winter I always kept some fresh spring-like flowers in the apartment to remind me of the upcoming season. These colors have inspired some new work in my studio.

I am still looking for the right orange, until then, this is what I am looking for.

Yellow came into my new palette by accident. I was trying out a transparent pink and it came out golden yellow. It was perfect for the piece. 

But maybe I will try and find another yellow too. I am quite smitten with it's cheeriness.

All of the leaves sprouting from the ground have made me want to search for a new green. Instead I found my green while trying out a transparent purple. Lots of happy accidents these days. 

That new blue sky that's been showing up has made me look for a nice new blue! 

So, here are the pieces. I'm still playing around with how to connect these cuties. So far I am loving these new colors and am super excited to share them with you. 

A little back story here..
I found these at Wolf and Myrow years upon years ago. I believe they were brass covered in white paint. Two years ago I had molds made of them and had them cast into fine silver. I finally allowed myself some time to play over this past week. Now I am waiting for some beads and other supplies to come in so I can complete them and ship them off to my stores. 

Here is a little idea I have been playing with. Lots of wrapping is about to happen. Now, where is that order from Rio? As usual all of my other orders have arrived. Until then I will just keep stock up with enamel flowers so I have a nice crop to complete. 

happy sunday!
xo, kim