monday's muse : fruit & twig key

I finally got myself another little helper so I can identify all of the dried pods, calyxes, fruits, burrs and the like I have been collecting for oh so long. 

First up, a cone-like structure with over-lapping scales..
..which seems to be an Tsuga canadensis, or eastern hemlock.
{this one was super difficult. the book shown above has many terms I am not yet familiar with so this little cone was named Tsuga canadensis with a little help from google images.}

Next is something I have been collecting for a long time and have had cast into fine silver. I am super excited to put a name to the face.
Alas, it's a Liquidambar styraciflua, or Sweetgum. 
It comes from one of my favorite autumn trees, it's leaves turn deep crimson.

This last one I used the Winter Weed Finder to identify this three-parted calyx.
I discovered it's a Blue Flag Iris or Iris versicolor. I prefer the later.
{long ago and far away in college I cast one of these in silver and settled with the title "decomposed study" and though it was fitting I would have preferred knowing it's true identity so I could study it's life cycle a bit.}

Can you tell I get a super silly excited about weeds and knowing their real names?
happy monday! i hope you aren't home sick like me.
xo, kim