monday's muse : the left bank look

Another Monday's Muse post inspired by another book from my sister-in-law. 
She really knows me all to well!
This book came in the mail as my birthday present a few years ago. 

It has many great ideas some requiring more time, skills and materials than others. 

But this one is super easy.

In fact, this only took a few minutes to complete. 
I decided to dive in {even though I was nearly out the door} in a desperate attempt to create an easy layer to keep me warm outside but to quickly take off when my studio hit 90.

This picture is about all you need for instruction. 
I did some additional cuts to create raw edges around the neck, hem and arms. 

Then as suggested I fastened the cardigan with a brooch "for a touch of bohemian glamour!"

As you can tell I love wearing this "new" cardigan over hand silk-screened shirts from designers I love.

And this little project gave me an excuse to buy that Fiesty Elle brooch I spent the winter lusting after at Craftland.

Next I hope to try one of the sewing projects in The Left Bank Look. I am certain there are more t-shirts waiting to be cut, pinned and sewn into something new.

xo, kim