monday's muse : winter weeds

I didn't have as many winter adventures as I had planned when I ordered this book. Snow banks and lack of sidewalks made sure I didn't get out and play. Spring has come and the snow melted {though we are expecting some today} allowing me to get out and see those winter weeds that are still around. 

While on an adventure with Callie this city girl found herself a great weed to identify. 

This is the subject, completely unknown to me upon pulling it from the earth.

Out of the options it seemed clear that this was a capsule and it wasn't at bur-like.

I love this part, breaking it down to parts, making you count and take the whole dried flower into account. It forced me to stop and pay more attention. 

And it certainly lacked wings {thought I would like to come across a winged structure}.

Stiff and dark it was, though some of the drawings were deceiving and I resorted to google images for a little help at this point. I would love to see this book redone and looking more like the piece of art it should. Hmmm, doesn't that sound like a great project. Romping through the city streets looking for burrs, calyxes and bracts only to draw them in detail. I love this idea.

And thanks to the winter weed finder {with a dash of google} I discovered it was yucca! Now when the sun starts to shine and the flowers come out to play I know where to look for some yucca in flower. And when I get to making some jewelry in the likeliness of this lovely structure I will know what to name it. 

happy monday!
I love a fresh start to the week.
xo, kim