yellow in my little state

 Inspired by the Paris Color Project of Little Brown Pen, I set out to capture some yellows on the borders of Providence and Pawtucket. After my first adventure I realized my hipstamatic had black and white film (D'oh!) so I made certain to choose the proper film for the next project. 

Yellow turned out to be a great choice as the sky was raging blue..

with lots of puffy clouds.

Once you choose a color it is great fun to see that color against others you hadn't intended on capturing.

In the states yellow and black are plentiful..

and it is rare to see a well painted curb.

In New England it is always joyous to see a crocus come up but we always prepare ourselves to see it surrounded by snow in a few days. 

Does anyone know the reason behind the madness of painting hydrants in different color combinations? Not that I am complaining, I love the change.

I was really digging the bold yellows but this golden shade is quite nice too.

I love how this one looks like it was captured on old film with the huge flaw in the upper left corner.

More codes I don't understand but still appreciate.

This project is great fun. I pay more attention to what is around me when I am out and about with Callie. I manage to come across color in the most unusual of places.
happy tuesday!
xo, kim