abstract chihuly

This past weekend my getaway in Boston included visiting the MFA to see the Chihuly exhibit. I recommend getting the audio/video tour. The studio documentation is pretty great. 

I enjoyed Chihuly's work based on woven baskets made by Native Americans. 

There are a few reasons I am attracted to this series. First, the colors are subtle allowing you to see the replication in the form of the vessel. Then there are some great little details in select baskets which insinuate the patterns created in the woven structure. And finally, I love that these are pieces which are layered and stacked within each other. I think of glass as delicate and for some reason the act of layering gives a sense of stability. 

This room was a lot to take in. It was like a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

What I wouldn't give to tip-toe through the middle of this glass forest.

The ceiling was pretty great. Seeing the installation video was sweet too.

I would enjoy a little day bed in this room to spend some time looking at every last inch of this ceiling. 

The chandeliers were superb. They appeared to be magically assembled. 

Surprisingly I preferred the white chandelier. The lack of color allowed me to appreciate the form. It also had a more natural flow than the rest of the collection.

But this olive one has some great texture.

As does the aqua.

And the movement is always great toward the bottom of the structure.

The contrast of aqua and olive was pretty nice. Gave me some ideas for new enamel combinations.

These colors definitely inspired me.

happy thursday!
xo, kim

ps: where did this week go?