Arnold Arboretum

I am fresh back from a little weekend getaway. I went ever so far away to Boston for a few days. The highlights of my trip was taking a train there, visiting the ICA {seeing Shepard Fairey's prints}, visiting the MFA for some fashion and Chihuly, walking Beacon Hill at night, my first ever trip to Arnold Arboretum and eating at Wagamama {twice!}.

Since I took the train into the city I either took the T or walked everywhere. This is where I got off the orange line to get to the Arboretum. 

It was a little bit of a walk before I saw some flowers. 

And the drizzle turned to rain. 

So I quickly took a few pictures before I went into the main building to explore.

I fell in love with a pine cone. It's symmetry is amazing.

I am hoping to have some dawn redwood cast in the near future. 

I have forgotten the names of these lovely branches. What a pretty neck piece this would make.

  I played with the microscope they set up for the kiddies. It was great fun!
Especially when I started to take pictures through it.

It is a rather lovely place. I hope to get back before the summer heats up.

There were also some great bonsai trees.

They were all locked up and for good reason, some were started in the 1700's.

This was my favorite. Something with the pine needles attracted me.

 Maybe it's that they remind me of silver wire.

And pink anemone clematis. I found some of this in Providence earlier in the week unsure of what it was. I love arboretums for labeling everything.

Then I followed a lilac lined path back to the orange line.

It smelled amazing.

And I found some great new to me varieties. 

 I was most amazed to see some lilac bushes with flowers covering the whole branch and not just clustering into a cone on the end. 

The colors were so pretty.

And there simple shape is stunning too.

They will find a way into my jewelry work. Especially my enameling.

It was a pretty spring day, regardless of the rain.

I am forever amazed at the number of flowering trees. 

I can't wait to get back there for summer, then autumn. Arnold Arboretum would be the perfect place to watch the seasons change. 

happy monday!
xo, kim