neighborhood flowers + one sweet wheel

My neighborhood never gets boring. 
There are shiny wheels and bright blooms right around the corner. 


I've never seen a peach iris before. I love the orange fuzz on the lower petals. 

There are so many colors around. Even grey days are nice and bright. Not that we have had many grey days lately.

 I love zinnia! Right now there are some sprouting in pots in my bedroom window. I hope they bloom soon. I've been itching to get some photos of them.

I love flowers mixed in together. Yellow + white are a perfectly cute combination.

Anyone know the name of the white ones?

Cosmos are pretty cute too. Dainty + simple.

And the color of this lupine is stunning. 

happy tuesday! 
i am coming off a long birthday weekend. 
lots of celebrating and photos were taken. expect lots of posts soon.
xo, kim