rockin' the craft world this spring

I left my studio for a wee nap. Tomorrow is my last day of making for Twist fair. Before I snooze I thought I would take a minute or two to show you some new color combinations and the photograph that inspired them. 

I took this photograph a long time ago {before craft} at Blithewold Gardens. This is a hipstamatic of the original which hangs in front of my soldering/torch-firing area. 
{I would love to know the name of this lovely pink flower so speak up if you are in the know.}

spring dot necklace

spring dash of color
I formerly worked for a florist. When finishing an arrangement with a bow I generally chose a green bow because it would match the leaves and bring out the greenery. Green is my go-to accent color in the flower world. I couldn't just leave these pink this time around so the splash of green is to remind you of the flower's stem and leaves. Aside from the photo above, these also remind me of easter tulips, bright and cheery pink to celebrate the start of spring.

Twist Craft Fair

If you are in Northampton, MA this fine weekend stop into Twist to see these little numbers for yourself. I will be surrounded by some pretty great crafters from the little state and a lovely neighbor from Massachusetts. We may be sleep deprived and bleary eyed but we'd love to have you! 

sweet dreams!
xo, kim