just some more hipstamatics of flowers

are you surprised? of course there are more hipstamatics of flowers on my blog. As long as I can walk and carry a camera there will always be photos of flowers.
{thanks to all who helped me to identify the flowers here. my post is now complete.}

{i was given the name of this beauty and can't believe i didn't know myself. i've had nigella pods for years that i've been hoping to cast. mystery solved!}

common milkweed
ever so long ago in college i made a ring in the likeness of flowering milkweed. this is the first time i was able to see the flower in person. it's so nice to see this amazing structure outside instead of on the pages of a book.

another amazing flower planted on the sidewalk in my neighborhood. i always wonder how gorgeous their backyard gardens must be if they keep suck lovely sidewalks. 

mayweed: stinking chamomile
i've always fancied growing some chamomile to dry and make tea with. 

my field guide is failing me, i can't identify this fuzzy yellow blossom either. i hope to get lots of comments from some smart flower lovers. {thanks to a lovely tweeter, this flower has been identified.}

bachelor's button/centaurea montana
 i love the ants marching on this purple flower.

so this yarrow came out neon yellow and somehow the brick and leaves turned this iridescent blue. 

i am blown away by the results. photographing with my hipstamatic wows me every time.

happy monday!
callie is feeling under the weather and visited the vet today. we are hoping her belly is on the mend and there aren't many trips out over the night. my girl is generally a camel but she spent the morning ringing her 'please take me outside' bell. poor, sweet girl.
xo, kim