neighborhood stroll

we have new benches in our neighborhood park.
you can't tell below, but the fountain now has water too.

callie girl likes to walk the edge of the fountain, i think she'll be in by the end of summer.

i can't get enough of that face. i think she hoping to get some cream cheese.

there are so many flowers in bloom.

i have the best neighbors, they keep the most wonderful gardens.

i've been waiting for these ferns to unfurl for a few weeks. pretty amazing little creatures.

the allium is already done blooming.

i miss this Mediterranean bell allium. 

long ago, i planted some of these in my garden. i miss my bulbs that i smuggled in from amsterdam. 

and here is the first purple cone flower to bloom in our yard. last year these flowered well into the autumn. i'm excited to have them back again. 

happy weekend! 
xo, kim