providence birthday adventures {part one}

Here are some of my hipstamatics from my big birthday weekend. In case you don't recall callie and I strolled all over our city to explore every last inch of it. 
This was our breakfast nook in the park. 

I'm quite certain I ate a few maple pods with my bagel.

Callie was covered in them but she likes to help pollinate. 

Of course I had to get some iron work shots in.

These are the cutest, greenest dogwood I've ever seen. 

They just started to bloom.

 I've also never seen an iris like this one. Half white and half purple, it was stunning.
These clematis were gorgeous. 
You can't tell here but they were peaking out from behind a lovely iron fence.

I adore this little pathway.  

We crossed the river from the east side to explore downcity. 

I wanted to go by the providence art club so I could see that unusual building next door.

Turns out it is the Fleur-de-lys studio.

And it is photogenic.

I just love the details, like this little knob.

And small sun.

Callie girl likes it there too.

This is the first yellow hibiscus I've seen. Isn't it a dream?

Where do we think this ends?

Providence's Eiffel Tower. {I can dream, can't I?}

This building had some great little flower details on it. And I love that it is grey and still pretty.

Can you believe all that's in bloom? Seems like spring and summer came all at once.

I love painted signs like this. Not sure what it is that attracts me to them.

And of course I love graffiti. 

And a lace capped hydrangea already in bloom. 

I love my city! 
xo, kim