providence birthday adventures {part two}

And here is part two. Taken with my camera and not my phone. I love being able to zoom in and have better control over getting the exact details you want. But sometimes, I miss the color distortion which I can't control. The unpredictable results are fascinating to me. 

I was able to get this tiny star instead of the whole grey facade. 

And the detail of the fire escape. I know, I love fire escapes. I suppose I dream of sitting on one on a warm summer night. 

But here the sky is dull without using my hipstamatic.

This is one of my favorite buildings in the city.

And one of my new favorite doors.

On this building each floor had a different flower above the windows. This one being my favorite.

I do like these two flowers in the corners too.

If it weren't for the brick these wouldn't look like windows from the same building.


And finally some sun. It looked like rain for a while. 

This hardly looks like Providence. The painted brick and arched doorway looks so European to me.

Of course, iron work.

 And the pretty irises behind the iron fence.

A sweet message. 

Roger Williams getting funky.

 Another shot that looks more like it was taken from the River Seine than in Providence.

Drippy walls add some nice color.

It was the perfect picnic spot.

 With the perfect view.

My adorable pup had a great day too.

And I fell in love with this little flower.

That's right, more iron work.

I took this from a path between two houses. Can you believe the view they have?

Another new favorite door. This may be the only orange door I've seen.

And I can't decide which view of the mailboxes I prefer. 

I love the old numbers and stickers. 

Love this angle.

And ferns before they are fully open.


 And just a few more iron railings to go. 

This part of the hood is full of them.

And I like it that way. I can't wait to get back to our new breakfast nook this weekend. 

happy almost hump day!
xo, kim 

ps: I was interviewed by the baltimore etsy street team. give it a read won't you..