providence birthday adventures {part three}

On my actual birthday we ate breakfast by the river. 
Callie loves when we take our breakfast outdoors.
 She gets to roll on her back and demands I pet her belly.
 Callie waited patiently for me to take some pictures. Isn't this a lucky catch?
There have been lots of beach roses here in the city. 

They sure brighten up the landscape.

I love the pink and white mixed together.

 They look equally pretty with buildings in the background,

as they do lining the river.

Behind this is a memorial for the Irish famine.

Callie played mountain goat.

 She loves being taller.

Maybe she likes the view better from up there.

There was some street art around. I suppose we may not see graffiti much longer, the mayor is starting an initiative to clean it up. I'm not a fan of this. Remember those lovely underpasses at the end of Wickenden Street? All of the local shops were advertised through street art. I miss it so.

I think we may have missed the actual masking tape street art event. 

 I caught a little of what was left over. RAWR!

 Maybe this will be our breakfast nook next time.

What is this amazing flower?

I love that most of our park benches are the same with the Providence RI imprinted on the side. 

Doesn't this building make for a great picture?

happy weekend! 
xo, kim