studio sundays

Here are some studio shots of what I have been working on lately. 

 I've had these cast flowers for over a year and just now I am getting to making jewelry with them.

Since I had a specific place I wanted the daisy to rest I made a bail for the hoops so they wouldn't spin on the ear wire.

Of course I wanted them to be textured too. I used my trusty hammer #21 of the 100 hammers project. {I'm falling in love with this hammer.}

This is right from the soldering block. New daisy hoops!

My favorite is the oxidized finish but I aim to please those who like shiny objects.

Here are the aster and forget-me-nots.

Part of the fun of playing with cast objects is trying to figure out an unusual way to add ear wires. 
{Also, I may have some other designs up my sleeve for these.}

Here is a shot of my piece work solder set up. There isn't much room for error with getting the posts in the correct place so I use my trusty third hand. 

As I am the maker of these I get use to seeing them all grouped together. 
I sorta like 'em that way. Aren't these cute little studs? A nice spin on a classic earring if I do say so myself.

I started playing with how I was going to form the ear wire with the one to the far left.

This is a little aside and all around great tip. I placed my foredom {with a cup bur in it} in a vice to make a nice finish on the ends of my ear wires. It does a lovely job.
Plus, I get a free hand to take a photo too!

Well, you know, I am a big believer in options. 

happy sunday! 
how did you celebrate your funday?
xo, kim

ps: these earrings are now available here + here