vibrant city photos + flowers

this particular day was filled with vibrant color in ordinary city objects.

 i sort of have a problem, i love maple seeds.

 these seem to glow somehow.
the poppies finally shed their fuzzy skin to bloom.

 they inspired me to re-work my design and try some new color combinations. one day i will make the sketches come to life in silver and enamel.

how are the irises in the city so much more exotic than those i saw in the country?

 this firewheel is amazing! i need to get working on a burnt orange with splash of yellow mix. 

and some pink with orange too!

 i've already got the pink and green down.

these flowers were blowing around in the wind,

but they at least gave me some bright color contrast.

all of these white flowers makes me want to get out my white enamel to experiment.

 sometimes when you are on tip-toe to take photos of dogwood blossoms happy accidents like this photo happen.

after my walk with callie girl i went to wickenden street.
even waiting at a stop light can be pretty here.

after seeing my boys at the salon i came across this lady. it looks like she is drawing in her own eye. pretty amazing for some cracks and a few drawn lines.

happy weekend!
xo, kim