work in progress

I decided to dedicate this week to making new work. It is refreshing to start new projects and to play with different tools. Plus it is much cooler in my studio when I solder as opposed to enameling. This change is welcome for many reasons.

Fresh from the soldering block, new forget me not posts and sunburst dangles.

Those two designs were so cute I decided to make a few more pairs.  

Forget me nots now have posts and are ready for sanding. 

Now that I take another look at these I wonder if they represent aster more than a sunburst. I need to put more thought into their name. What do they remind you of?

And these are new daisy chain hoops. This past weekend I was taking some photos of iron work {not at all unusual} and realized where my influence came from with these designs. When I get a chance I will go through my photo collection and write a post with finished piece and inspiration.

I'll be at Providence Art Festival this weekend. Come see me June 4th from 10-6 to see the debut of my new designs. I've heard this is an amazing festival so don't pass it up. My new Rocks and Salt skirt is waiting to come off the hanger. It's going to look great with my new earrings. {Only a jeweler would think of a skirt as an accent for jewelry!}

I'm off to patina and tumble my new designs.
happy thursday! 
xo, kim