evening walk with the girl

I finally got out with Callie last night. 
Boy did it ever feel good.

I realized all of the flowers I missed turning from bud to flower. 

It has been a long two weeks of feeling under the weather.

I love whatever this purple flower is.

I missed so many lilies in bloom. Lots of them were dying already.

This purple lily looks magical. 

I am so smitten with clematis. 

Way back when we lived in the country {before craft} I tried to grow clematis in a barrel. 
It was never this full and beautiful.

I had to take way too many pictures of this pink + yellow combination. 

Black eyed susans and purple cone flowers may just be my favorite. 

Especially together!

Isn't it a heavenly combination?

happy friday!
xo, kim

ps: what is blooming in your neighborhood?