hibiscus from the park

As promised here are the hibiscus which surrounded the roses at Roger Williams Park. There's this sweet little brick path separating the two sections of flowers.
The film in my hipstamatic was one which is a little muted and looks like a printed photograph which faded over time. 

In this case it aptly captured the dreary, overcast day.

This is a species I'd never seen before. It captivated me even in the rain.

It's a great addition to the more commonly seen hibiscus.

I love this perfect bud.

I keep waiting for hibiscus to find their way into my metalwork.

Someday, I'll be walking along and visualize how it will all come together in silver. 

And enamel, I am certain. Who could pass up a chance to play with such lovely colors?

The combinations are always brilliant and my favorite part of the flower.

I adore how the bright color in the center bleeds into the petal.

There were some pretty cute, fuzzy bees busy pollinating. 

Those bees are doing a great job, this garden is thriving.

This is the sweetest spot and I look forward to picnicking in it soon. 

Back to the metalwork ideas, I'd love to play with re-creating the free flowing texture and form of these petals. It means I'd get to play with some fancy hammers.

See what I mean about the colors?


happy thursday!
xo, kim

ps: i'm missing feeling well. the shingles really got me. i've less photos than ever this summer and miss my studio ever so much. thanks for taking the time to stop in here even though there aren't as many great photos as usual.