in my yard

While I was planting some zinnia seeds for indoors I snuck a few into the ground along the driveway. No one seems to mind.
They always have the prettiest of colors accented by their yellow centers.

I tried out a new lens for my hipstamatic. 

I can't decide if it is right for capturing flowers.

Everything is so subdued. 

But maybe it is perfect for those hazy days of summer.

I think these are weeds but I love them just the same.

Doesn't this look more like it?

Nice bright hues.

I've been missing the sun and sky this summer. 

But I think things are looking up this week. 

I am feeling stronger and on the mend.

I think I'll take a little more time to hide away in the shade.

This Irish lass always melts in the heat. I'm not like these flowers.

Enjoy the sun.

And please stay healthy + cool.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim