liberty elm diner

On Sunday we tried out a new-to-us breakfast spot, Liberty Elm Diner.
I must say, I'm in love.

I was beyond excited to discover the list of local food sources. Aside from my love of supporting local businesses, I love knowing where my food comes from. As I don't eat cheese with animal rennet in it, this opens up many options for me as I knew what I could and couldn't eat here.

This really surpassed the typical greasy spoon experience. 
The only thing I am sad about is I left my little breakfast umbrella behind.

And since I don't frequent this neighborhood it was nice to walk around just a little.. take in some urban greenery.. this 'leopard print' grass..
{this is possibly my favorite picture here}

..and the black eyed susans.

The grounds around the RIPTA station are surprisingly well kept.

I went a little overboard taking photos of the flowers and grasses.

But it was a fun little color study.. see how the brilliant yellow, grassy green, brick red and straw yellow all looked in different combinations.

Plus, it is neat to see how the forms become abstract into gestures and color.

Back to more things urban, a flower on a lamp post,

and a cosmos growing from the concrete. 

Since we did the taste test and approved I am hoping to take my father and step mother here soon. It's a belated gift for my father's birthday, he taught me how to love those greasy spoons. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

ps: after this we drove through Roger Williams Park {yes, drove, it was raining} and I stopped at the rose garden for a few quick photographs. I'll share those soon.