photographs of my city : part three

and here is our skyline. maybe it doesn't seem like much, but I love it.

and the bus station looks so pretty with these orange umbrellas.

i am always a fan of steeples.

i especially love when the flower baskets come out for the summer.

and i love when fountains open for the summer. i will miss indie arts fest this year, i had a wonderful time selling my bling in burnside park last summer.

i may be one of the few folks who prefers the river on non-waterfire nights. it's much more serene. 

stencil art.

this bus tunnel is one of the first big memories i had of providence. since i never left thayer street i didn't know where it went.

iron work at the superior court house. this building will never cease to amaze me.

happy thursday!
xo, kim