Angela Fung Jewellery

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the jewelry is what I noticed most while at the New York International Gift Fair.  Shiny objects always catch my eye. Angela Fung had more than just shine in her line of jewelry, she had movement. 
Angela creates simple yet thoughtful jewelry. Her pieces look sophisticated and elegant but she uses this sophistication to hide it's playfulness. Her real audience is the person who loves to fiddle but appreciates clean lines and simplicity.

These cufflinks are perfection. In my experience, men like jewelry that has a function and is well constructed. And they like to understand how the pieces are fabricated. Angela Fung's cufflinks are perfectly functional, and simply constructed. The wearer can figure out the basic means of their fabrication and appreciate her playful details. I don't think these would be worn out of duty, like the tie you gave dad on father's day. They will be worn with appreciation for the design and for the thought you put into the gift. 

This is just a little sample of Angela's work. There is much more to be seen here

happy thursday!
xo, kim