autumn blooms

Callie and I started out for a walk on this warm autumn day. 
Here is my girl sitting at a corner waiting for my cue to cross the street. I wish she sat and waited every time I asked her to, this is still a work in progress. Until then I will hold her leash nice and tight.

These hydrangeas have turned a pretty pink from their plain white. 

It makes for a nicer contrast against the fence.

I am happy to see them lingering into autumn. 

Purple aster are out for fall.

Just like this white clematis. 

I love how there is a species which flowers in the spring and summer and another that waits for autumn.

These are the perfect shade for fall. 

I love this stoop. My neighborhood is full of wonderful porches and gardens.

Aren't these greens a fun color and pattern?

The neighborhood is full of color.

These are particularly cheery.

This is a pretty shade of mums, they are usually darker so these caught my eye.

There are lots of tall grasses towering over fences. I love their wispy quality. 

It took some begging on my part but Callie girl posed in front of the ivy covered fence. 

This color and texture fascinates me.

And more purple autumn bursts with life. 

My, aren't they pretty?

As are these daisies.

It's great to have yellow and purple blooming together. 

They are perfect complimentary colors. 

happy autumn!
xo, kim