an east side stroll

when I am in the mood for some illy coffee, callie and I take a stroll on the east side. 
I won't lie, I often indulge in a chocolate croissant because they are devilishly delicious.

there are so many pretty roadside flowers on this side of town. 

and it's easy to spy the bridge that is always up.

the houses look so inviting too. I love this subdued palette, it seems like a palace of calm. 

the front gardens are quite pretty. simple but eye-catching.

with just the perfect amount of color.

it seems the brightness is saved for the sidewalks.

did you know in providence that if enough folks in the neighborhood call to request a tree one if planted for free. at least that is the rumor. 

then you have a spot to plant the prettiest of zinnias.

this is the most colorful patch I've come across on foot.

unfortunately, the ones I planted in our yard were taken away by Irene.

sedum is out to bloom too, this plant always reminds me of brisk autumn mornings. 

I can't tell you why but dandelions are a favorite of mine, most weeds are. they are simple, and grow on their own, no cares in the world. they just add color to our day.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

ps: enjoy the last few days of summer!