a hope street stroll {part one}

Last week, Callie and I went on a Hope Street adventure. 
I had a book due at the library..

..and decided to turn the chore into our daily walk.

It is such a lovely neighborhood. 

But I was mostly fascinated with the flowers and architecture of this church.

It had the common flowers..

..as well as some brilliant ones I'd never seen before. 
{I'm thinking this is a dahlia, am I correct?}

And I was lucky enough to catch this milkweed turn to seed.

We finally strolled past the most intriguing block and onto the main shopping area.
{this is the new bus stop, pretty fancy!}

And happened upon this lady fan tree. 

Autumn has taken over it's leaves, 

making them more stunning then ever.

I found this random little graffiti. 

Then onward to the car I discovered my very first sight of a trumpet flower. 

The gardens at this church really captivated me. 

And Callie girl just loved the grass. It scratched her back just right. 

And here she is apologizing for pulling the leash and making me spill my coffee. This sweet girl always knows how to get herself out of trouble. 

happy wednesday!
xo, kim