New York City photos

I went to New York City to visit the New York Gift Show. Unfortunately I spent most of the time in the hotel room. Sometimes I think I am finally all better and some days not so much. On this eve, not so much. 
I was told this hotel room had views of the Hudson River. 

I found those views threw a slit in the window. 
{I'm talking about the frosted bathroom window.}

It opened about a mere inch. 

I didn't need to worry much about dropping my phone.

I loved hearing the city as I sat in the tinniest room I had ever been in. 

But it did have some perfect deco features.

The New Yorker.

I think my favorite accent in my room were the bath and shower knobs.

These handles are sweet too. I'd like to find a real bakelite version for a deco bench I refinished. 
{I must get to posting some before and after photos on that stat!}

There were some pretty great details to the railings I wish I could have captured.

But I did venture out to the gift show and made one final stop in times square before departing.

I love the lights. 

I don't care how touristy it is, I just really love the lights.

And the cabs adding their yellow accent.

I feel like visiting Times Square it's how you can really feel like you've been to the city.

You get lost in the hustle and noise.

But I must say, I'm peeved the cup o noodles is gone.

I parked to wander a bit, just long enough to see the city liven up for the night. {most of the photos above were taken from the passenger seat of my car except for these last two.}

Then I said good-bye, hopefully not for long.

xo, kim

PS: I collected lots of cards at the show and hope to share some favorite artists soon. I was truly inspired and can't wait to get back on my studio feet with some new business goals in the horizon.